Week 1 Report

Posted 7 years ago

Hello everyone! I'm very pleased to announce that I have been selected to work on the Annotation Support project for MuseScore as part of Google Summer of Code 2016.

I will be working on implementing support for annotations in MuseScore, whereby users will be able to mark/highlights sections of their scores, add comments, and so on.

I'm starting work early due to a short workshop coming up later in May.
To get started, I've made a list of features that have been frequently requested on the forum by MuseScore users in relation to Annotations. The list has been arranged according to priority and can be found at :


If you have any inputs, feel free to comment. The plan is to finalize the design for the Annotation base class, and start implementation of Phase 1 (Textual Annotation Support) soon after that. Stay tuned!