avoid leaving a lonely bar at the end of the score

• Sep 27, 2018 - 02:55

Hi, as I put in the subject, can someone tell me how to glue the necessary bars in order to avoid the single bar at the end of the score?

Thanks in advance

Adjunto Tamaño
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Hey Shoichi, thanks for your reply, but I've tried and still can't do it. I would put all the five final bars in a single staff. But I can´t find the way to do it. What you have said I have tried before and now, but there´s no way to do it in the page you suggest. If you have another idea, please let me know. Thanks again

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Thank you very much Mike. And I could call that "lock", since I could have seen it perfectly. Whatever. It is my insistence on formatting to a certain number of bars each system and so, I put that''return'' to achieve that goal. By the way, I could not find where to tell the program to put '' x '' number of measures per system. Do you know if you can do that?
I am very grateful for your help

You can easily use the drop down menu to the right side of the handbook pages and select a different language if you don't want Spanish.

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