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• Nov 19, 2019 - 16:14

Good afternoon,
I've made a SATB score by Musescore and when I try to export it to a .mid score, in the exported score appear only 3 voices (A, T, B) and doesn't appear the soprano voice. However, if I export to a .mp3 format all voices appear correctly. It's the same when I try to export each of the parts to .mid, the midi parts appear empty and when I do it to .mp3 the export is done correctly. What could be te reason? and How could I solve this problem?
The same problem happens to me with all the scores I've made.
Thanks for your attention,
Juan José Ros

Adjunto Tamaño
273-MADRIGAL.mscz 40.01 KB


When I tested this score (using 3.3.2), I exported the score to midi then imported it. All of the voices are there in the midi file. What makes you believe the soprano voice is not being exported? Can you attach the midi file missing the soprano?

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I'm curious if this is a bug that was fixed after version 3.2.3. Opening this score in version 3.3.2 gives me 4 voices, but the third is called alto with a standard treble clef, but the notes are correct for the tenor. Since the Tenor notes are in the alto range and at times higher than the alto part this isn't surprising that the algorithm chose the wrong voice.

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