Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Lajittele nouseva Priority Version Replies Last updated
The app does not work for me. When I enter my library and access Sheet Music, it throws me out of the app. needs info 3.6 1 5 kuukautta
Increasing the duration of multiple notes causes crash needs info P1 - High 3.5 9 2 vuotta
Violin Solo MuseSound playback is messed up needs info 4.0 17 3 kuukautta
Page size should always be written to the .mscx file needs info 3.x-dev 10 4 vuotta
MuseScore4 crashes upon opening the master palette needs info 4.x-dev 5 4 kuukautta
Dynamics are positioned differently depending on stem direction, and horizontal offset is added on copy and paste needs info 11 3 vuotta
Bravura dotted tempo bug: dot is too close to tempo marking when using Bravura font needs info 4.x-dev 4 5 kuukautta
Installation Complete, but MuseScore 4 won't run On Windows 11. I click on the Application Start Icon, it starts to load, but then dies. needs info 4.0 1 2 kuukautta
dragging key sig off the palette removes it for good! needs info 4.x-dev 6 5 kuukautta
Keyboard shortcuts do not work when the keyboard language is not English. needs info 3.2 6 1 vuotta
Clef changes on a single part makes clefs appear on all parts needs info 3.5 11 2 vuotta
Musescore files corrupting regularly needs info 4.0 7 4 kuukautta
MIDI input breaks for rest of session needs info 2.1 21 4 vuotta
[LINUX] Custom shortcuts are ignored. needs info 3.6 2 2 vuotta
Falls on vocals continually sustain notes needs info 4.0 2 4 kuukautta
Shortcut doesn't work needs info 4.0 5 4 kuukautta
Automatic Dynamics from Hairpins not updating depending on order of placement [ R: 3224f34] needs info 3.6 2 4 kuukautta
Display bug needs info 3.2 2 3 vuotta
Can reproduce files with play botton needs info 3.6 1 2 vuotta
Bug by clicking on search needs info 3.3 4 3 vuotta
Pug with placing notes in drums needs info 3.6 1 2 vuotta
Musescore can't open mxl files needs info 3.3 1 3 vuotta
Can't import MIDI needs info 4.x-dev 2 1 vuotta
MuscScore CRASHES on startup needs info 3.3 3 3 vuotta
There is no sound playing. When I press the play button, no sound comes out. needs info 3.3 1 3 vuotta