Release notes for MuseScore 3.3.2 (November 14, 2019)

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Build number Date Announcement
macOS 10.10+:, Windows 7+ (32 and 64-bit):, AppImage: 3.3.2. (revision: 492d7ef) 2019-11-14


  • MuseScore crashed on startup in some cases on Windows 7
  • "Save online" failed in some cases
  • Palettes were incorrectly placed when using multiple HighDPI monitors and scaling
  • Palettes disappeared on Ubuntu 18.04 in some cases

Complete list of issues resolved

  • #295348: [Musicxml Export] - Strange Missing Hairpins
  • Implement "Move soundfont To Top" button for Fluid/Zerberus synths GUI
  • #295944: Tuplet dialog does not default to style settings, and creates tuplets with bad property flags
  • #295898: Deleting a StaffTypeChange causes a crash in macOS
  • #283943: fix a crash on deleting a measure at glissando end
  • #295176: [MusicXML] improve instrument change handling
  • #296298: Inspector: segment "Leading Space" input field topped at 10sp
  • #292079: prevent crash when adding grace notes to a selected measure
  • #295703: Slurs to grace notes disappear after inserting bars
  • #292343: measure numbers restart from 1 after section break even if the corresponding property got disabled
  • #283628: fermata "play" property does not work
  • Fix score editing with keyboard not working after closing dialogs on MacOS
  • Add the bbox property to PluginAPI::Element
  • #296154: Accessibility: Make palette tree a single Tab object
  • Downgrade Qt version on Windows to Qt 5.9.8 to avoid recent Qt regressions that prevent normal usage of MuseScore
  • Update Qt version on Linux AppImages to Qt 5.9.8 to avoid recent Qt regressions that prevent normal usage of MuseScore
  • #296566: erase invalid elements from CmdState
  • #296995: use a more reliable way to prevent layout from altering CmdState
  • #296579: "Save online" doesn't work
  • #288662: Mouse wheel zoom sensitivity
  • #293998: Figured Bass Continuation Lines Disappearing
  • #296960: Percent sign cannot be entered into text