Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Ordine crescente Version Replies Last updated
Applying Changes to All Parts in Styles Alters the Paper Layout of All the Parts to That of the Part With the Applied Changes active 3.6 14 2 anni
Sound and mapping of drumset in 1.x score incorrect active 3.2 3 3 anni
Remove duplicated tab for main score & enable setMovable (to allow reordering of parts) active 3.0 13 6 anni
Change Spelling/Enharmonic Equivalents does not behave as expected needs info 4.x-dev 3 10 mesi
MuseScore incompatible with foobar2000, crashes in foobar2000's dsd_transcoder_x64 needs info 3.6 5 2 anni
The Rewind does not re-position the view of the score active 4.0 2 10 mesi
distorted sound needs info 3.6 3 2 anni
Editing "Beginning Text" field for 8va line prevents "Show numbers only" toggle from working. active 4.0 2 10 mesi
Scrolling undone by first mouse-click in single-page view with documents side-by-side or stacked active 3.6 13 2 anni
Bug: measure keeps getting longer everytime i press any button needs info 3.2 2 4 anni
[Guitar Pro 7] Support of the new .gp format PR created 25 3 anni
Impaired Selection of "Invisible" Attributes active 4.0 7 8 mesi
Crash when closing a tab on Midi imported score active 3.6 8 2 anni
Remove a multiple staves instrument leads to add brackets in parts for each first instrument of instruments groups active 2.1 3 6 anni
Figured Bass cursor doesn't advance on the same bass (rhythmic divisions of the note). active 4.0 1 10 mesi
additional flags appearing on cross-staff beams after staffs are hidden active 3.6 8 2 anni
(Lack of) Hairpin/Dynamic Independence active 3.2 2 4 anni
Handbook (on-line): Too much space under nested lists active 1 4 anni
Make Page up/down active in playback mode active 1 3 anni
Note input A GitHub issue 4.0 7 10 mesi
Uneven Music Font active 3.6 5 2 anni
Include some batch operations with spacers active 3.2 1 4 anni
Unable to add a glissando between two grace notes. active 11 1 mese
Hidden instruments re-appear when clicking outside the stave of visible ones active 2.1 10 6 anni
D chords not recognized needs info 4.0 2 10 mesi