Issues for MuseScore (deprecated)

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Title Status Priority Sort ascending Version Replies Last updated
Note-Length Preview isn't Updated active 3.5 5 3 years
Time signature change read incorrectly in corrupt 1.3 score active 5 8 years
Tempo needs info 3.6 2 1 year
Problem exporting to svg active 3.0 3 3 years
[EPIC] Engraving issues and suggestions active 3.5 0 3 years
The use of tab key to separate text - words/letters - causes problem for export PDf active 8 8 years
Timeline in new window stuck on right active 4.x-dev 3 5 days
Fretboard diagrams: allow multiple barrés active 3.0 1 4 years
Crash when changing note size style property needs info 4.x-dev 1 2 years
Time signature deletion removes other elements active 2.1 3 7 years
Program quits unexpectedly when trying to delete measures active 4.x-dev 3 1 year
"Respell pitches" should only work on the selection, if there is any PR created 3.0 7 2 years
Unknown units for x/y/sx/sy in spos/mpos files active 3.5 17 3 years
issue on changing shortcut active 1 8 years
Mapping hotkeys crashes MuseScore active 4.x-dev 2 1 year
Musescore v. Crash. needs info 3.0 11 5 years
Changes of "play count" parameter of a repeated mesure not displaying on the score active 3.2 3 3 years
Copyright from template overwritten by empty value in dialog GitHub issue 4 5 months
Custom time signatures and multimeasure rests active 3.6 2 1 year
Change note duration with mouse wheel active 3.0 7 4 years
Don't allow more than one staff type change per measure active 3.5 0 3 years
TAB: scale change in staff properties shows wrong dot size active 2 8 years
Pitch/Clef issues affecting linked TAB staves active 4.0 5 7 months
Corruption in the parts if linked staff is added afterwards and leading to crash active 3.0 4 3 years
Pb MuseScore file open needs info 3 8 years