I can’t download pdfs anymore

• May 15, 2024 - 14:40

I’ve downloaded pdfs for auditions and shows many times from MuseScore, but the today and yesterday there seems to be an issue. Downloading the mp3 for my score gave me no issue whatsoever, but when it came to getting the pdf it loads for a second, then simply gives me an “error : download failed” pop up with no other explanation. I’m at my wits end at this point I’ve tried everything and I’m unsure of where to go, I need this pdf in two days

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Your smug attitude honestly has no place here. Why the hell would I be on the help page when MuseScore is giving me issues then lie about what platform I’m using it on. That is my screenshot from my phone, on my app. How do you want me to prove that and why should I? I don’t understand this hostility and mistrust over my pdf issue

Having the same issue. Bought some sheet music that I need transposed. I transposed it on the app and now I can't download it as a PDF. So I open it on desktop and I can't transpose it. Apparently transposing is only a feature on the app. Sooo frustrated. It's never easy with musescore

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The "app" is a program running on your desktop that allows you to create music notation.

The "website" is where you would have downloaded a PDF from.

I don't know whether you can perform a transposition on the website, but I would guess not. You definitely can perform a transposition on the app (which is on your desktop).

In order to do this, you would have to convert a PDF file into a MuseScore file (.MSCZ or .MSCX). There is a conversion tool at https://musescore.com/import. There are many other conversion tools elsewhere on the web and downloadable applications. I don't happen to know any of their URLs; "Google dat $hi+" :-D

Here are some links that will help you sort out the difference between musescore.org and musescore.com:


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