Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Sort ascending Version Replies Last updated
Grand staff: Ottava on one staff shouldn't affect cross-staff notes displayed on other staff active 3.5 6 10 maanden
Mixer window displays to large (Vertically) for window active 3.x-dev 1 2 jaren
Add ability to insert rest active 3.0 1 1 jaar
Solo and Mute in Channel definition malfunction active 3.5 0 11 maanden
Bug: Selected measure(s) in "part" score do not loop. active 3.1 0 2 jaren
Prevent memory leak with layout test and counting malloc/free active 3.0 1 4 jaren
Font change misses lyrics with ligatures active 3.0 15 10 maanden
Submit Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) form active 2.1 2 4 jaren
Tempo slider issue active 3.5 3 4 dagen
Added courtesy key sig where the key sig doesn't change (before multimeasure rest). needs info 3.1 4 2 jaren
Segno Variation ("Serpent") should be on barline, not above active 14 2 jaren
WAV or MP3 export issues needs info 3.5 3 10 maanden
Font size not applied to empty lines in staff/system text active 2.1 1 3 jaren
On "Save As" MuseScore should add the score to "Open Recent" active 3.5 3 9 maanden
inc duration of previous note causes subsequent note to break into un-tied smaller notes if necessarily changes start tick active 2.2 6 4 jaren
THE SHORTCUTS ISN'T WORKING needs info 3.5 3 9 maanden
Menus not showing up needs info 3.2 2 2 jaren
Remove duplicated tab for main score & enable setMovable (to allow reordering of parts) active 3.0 13 4 jaren
Crash when applying shortcut key ‘apply move chord/rest to staff above' to linked staff active 3.x-dev 2 9 maanden
Sometimes notes don't properly playback active 3.2 0 2 jaren
Break multimeasure rests for breath marks active 3.0 20 1 jaar
Creating Volta on single note selected, produces one staff only volta (as if Ctrl had been pressed) active 3.0 7 8 maanden
No sound on Mac and Windows, I/O's PortAudio API drop down menu empty active 3.4 121 1 jaar
Grace note entry active 6 5 jaren
Dialogs not scaling in certain configurations active 3.5 15 8 maanden