Type Title Author Comments Last updated
Issue Hyphen too high chen lung 41 10 months ago
Forum topic Professional Printing PDF Export Options etienne 7 1 year ago
Forum topic Articulation anchor ciemakat 5 1 year ago
Issue Invisible beams influence lyrics distance from staff ciemakat 10 1 year ago
Issue Ctrl + Delete removes all measures after selected note/rest ciemakat 1 1 year ago
Issue Gregorian chant CapoFede 37 1 year ago
Forum topic [UX] Way of hiding elements in descreased width window ciemakat 3 2 years ago
Forum topic Wyrównanie nuty do tekstu ciemakat 16 2 years ago
Issue Lack of first barline in staff after hiding empty staffs ciemakat 3 3 years ago
Issue Changing initial time signature in continuous view causes crash ciemakat 2 4 years ago
Issue Frames cannot be selected ciemakat 7 4 years ago
Issue Invisible time- and key signature ciemakat 5 4 years ago
Issue Deleting title frame reverts deleted bars ciemakat 4 4 years ago
Issue Overwriting hard-space causes crash ciemakat 7 4 years ago
Issue Slur break under time signature ciemakat 8 4 years ago
Issue Text Style menu is gone ciemakat 2 4 years ago
Issue Hiding clef or time signature causes crash ciemakat 11 4 years ago
Issue Spacing problems ciemakat 2 5 years ago
Issue Delete notes/measures or change offsets in first measure when there are beaming notes in the next system/staff causes a crash ciemakat 19 5 years ago
Issue Tiny characters in Special Characters window ciemakat 3 5 years ago
Issue Huge space after barline inserted via drag and drop ciemakat 4 5 years ago
Issue Lyrics hyphens aren't placed on equal height ciemakat 9 5 years ago
Issue Regression: Seemingly random space between staves with lyrics; more random spacing appears after playback or image capture Isaac Weiss 6 5 years ago
Issue Crash when loading style Isensee 7 5 years ago
Issue Deleting multiline text in frames cause crash ciemakat 15 6 years ago