Issues for MuseScore (deprecated)

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Title Status Priority Version Replies Last updated 升序
Loading a VST3 instrument into MuseScore 4.0.0 (release) crashes the application every time active 4.0 7 6個月
Add capability to center text in measure. active 3.6 21 6個月
Fingerboard Diagram Fingerings - add color and shape active 3.6 3 6個月
Muse Sounds Trombone dynamics too quiet active 4.0 9 6個月
L-shaped sign for hand distribution (piano) active 13 6個月
Delay on opening Format- Style Option GitHub issue 4.0 5 6個月
Bends not functioning GitHub issue 4.0 14 6個月
Loop Playback Bug active 4.0 18 6個月
Bad sound quality when playing scores active 4.x-dev 12 6個月
ABC import fails active 3.4 51 6個月
Playback always starts at the beginning active 4.0 4 6個月
Tabs behaviour change - Opening two scores on the same window GitHub issue 4.0 53 7個月
Palettes open up blank in the new Musescore 4 active 4.0 14 7個月
Notes in wrong octave active 3.6 4 7個月
Installed soundfonts not appearing in synthesizer or mixer needs info 3.5 6 7個月
Shortcuts not working GitHub issue 4.0 9 7個月
Windows 10 - MuseScore4 - Process cannot be stopped active 4.0 5 7個月
Count-in feature is missing in Musescore 4 GitHub issue 4.0 6 7個月
Musescore hogs CPU/Thread GitHub issue 4.0 3 7個月
MuseScore 4 Crashing with Bluetooth active 4.0 5 7個月
Circled fret marks for half note and whole note durations in tablature staves active 3.0 12 7個月
Lyric elision keyboard shortcut no longer works in 4.0 active 4.0 8 7個月
Trills over several bars are not completely sustained! active 4.0 6 7個月
Editing of Header needs info 4.0 9 7個月
Strange Issue With MuseScore 4 and Ties active 4.0 6 7個月