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Updated 1 year ago
This page shows old instructions for MuseScore 1.
For MuseScore 4 users, see Share scores online.

Go to to view other scores from MuseScore.

You can save and share your scores online at You can choose to save a score privately for personal access from any computer, or choose to share the score publicly for friends and band members to view, or download. lets you view and playback scores in your web browser, and even lets you synchronize your score with a YouTube video. For use outside of a web browser, you can download the score in a variety of formats (including PDF, MIDI, MP3, MusicXML, and the original MuseScore file).

Create an account

  1. Visit and click on Create new account
  2. Pick a username and enter a valid email and press "Create New Account"
  3. Wait a few minutes for an email from support. If no email arrives, check your spam folder
  4. Click the link in the email and visit your user profile to change your password

Share a score directly from MuseScore

You can directly save a score online from FileSave Online.... First time users will have to authenticate.

First time authentication

  1. Go to FileSave Online...
  2. Once you understand the prompt regarding permission, click OK - this will open your browser and
    MuseScore needs your permission
  3. If you are not logged in, enter your username and password
  4. Click "Allow Access"
  5. Go back to MuseScore, and press "OK". If your browser doesn't open, you can copy/paste the URL into the address bar of your browser
    Press OK once access is allowed
  6. MuseScore is now linked to your account on

Save online

After your first authentication, or when you go to FileSave Online..., MuseScore asks some information about your scores
score information

  1. The title is the title of the score. You can change it
  2. The description will end up next to your scores.
  3. You can choose to make your score public and everybody on will see it or private and only you will be able to see the score.
  4. Choose a license. By using a Creative Commons licence, you allow people to use your scores under certain restrictions.
  5. You can add tags to help finding your scores on Don't forget to use a comma to separate the tags.

Upload a score on

You can also upload a score directly on

  1. Click the Upload link on
  2. You have the same options as with the Save Online menu
  3. You have also access to more information such as Genre

Note: Should you reach the five score upload limit, you can still upload score directly from MuseScore, but only the last five are visible. If you wish to continue uploading via the web, upgrade to a Pro Account first.

Edit a score on

If you want to make changes to one of your scores on, edit the MuseScore file on your own computer and follow the steps below.

  1. Go to the score page on
  2. Click the edit link
  3. In the form, you can change the score file, you can also change all the score info, such as title, description, etc...

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