Meet the GSoC 2022 contributors

• červen 17, 2022 - 14:43

MuseScore is taking part in Google Summer of Code 2022, and this year we're joined by contributors¹ on two projects:

Harp Pedal Diagrams

This project will provide diagrams that tell harpists which pedals they need to press to play notes with the correct accidentals. This functionality is provided by a plugin in MuseScore 3, but the aim is to provide it as a built-in feature in MuseScore 4.1 or 4.2. This is important as it will eventually enable playback support for accidentals in harp glissandos without resorting to tricks with invisible notes.
Contributor: jamesmmizen (blog)
Mentors: Tantacrul & cbjeukendrup

Global Shortcuts

This project will make it easier for users to assign shortcuts to controls in the UI without having to go into the Preferences. Users will be able to right-click on any action-based toolbar button (e.g. "Insert Rest") and choose the option to assign a shortcut. The project will also explore other improvements to shortcuts, like the ability to assign shortcuts to palette elements, and better organisation of shortcuts in Preferences > Shortcuts.
Contributor: VanSHOE (blog)
Mentors: shoogle & bradleykunda

Code from these projects is unlikely to be ready in time for MuseScore 4.0 (which is already in Alpha status), so we're instead targeting the projects' inclusion in a subsequent release later in the 4.x series, such as MuseScore 4.1 or 4.2. You can learn more about the projects and keep up with progress on the contributors' blogs (links above).

¹ Google changed the rules this year to allow non-students to apply, hence we will try to refer to participants as "GSOC contributors" rather than "students" from now on.

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