Release notes for MuseScore 2.3 (June 29, 2018)

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MuseScore 2.3 was released June 29, 2018.

New features

  • #273032: Implement extensions to provide an easy way to install soundfont, templates and instruments.xml
  • #256021: Add buzz roll tremolo stem
  • #271198: Add a more flexible way to choose noteheads in drumset for percussion instrument
  • #271723: Implement filters in Zerberus
  • #272276: Add ability to have a different MIDI pitch for drum instrument based on articulation or tremolo
  • Implemented flams and crush notation for unpitched percussion


  • Fix #270996: No sound on upgrade to 2.2 if default soundfont was saved as default
  • Fix #271717: Match the default tempo in New Score Wizard
  • Fix #272377: 'Follow text' is not applied to tempo text


  • Fix #222031: remove ties and spanners when removing induvidual notes within a chord
  • Fix #271718: clicking noise fix
  • Fix #271719: sound accumulation on noteOff
  • Fix #271722: long release samples do not play in their entirety
  • Fix #272687: Unable to select an SFZ playback for a drum instrument
  • Fix #273150: incorrect off_by processing
  • Fix #273241: incorrect loading sample when use comment line

User interface

  • #273511: Order notes in Drum Input Palette like in instruments.xml
  • #269952: Allow new templates to be seen without restart
  • Follow macOS platform conventions for window title and dirty state
  • Use setWindowModified to display * in window title
  • Fix #8808: Add option to limit scroll area of the navigator and the score view
  • Fix #117236: Honor 'pan score' button during edits
  • Fix #153691: Drumtools palette not closing when switching between files
  • Fix #268016: No message on second keyboard shortcut already in use
  • Fix #271074: Image capture with transparent background empty when pasting into other programs on Windows (reverted Fix #209596: Screencapture + Copy + Transparency issue)
  • Fix #271935: Wrong voice button is highlighted after unsuccessful voice change
  • Fix #273672: Right align "Double augmentation dot" in preferences dialog
  • Fix #272153: Notes for transposing instrument are shown in concert pitch on piano control

Crashes and corruptions fixed

  • Fix #76751: MuseScore crashes when opening plugin manager after adding new plugin
  • Fix #270850: Changes to a score cause all fermatas over a barline to be discarded
  • Fix #271039: crash when closing score after changing tempo in play panel
  • Fix #271161: crashes on certain tuplets due to failure to sanitize
  • Fix #271299: Errors with multiple clefs
  • Fix #271325: Adjusting a note outside the range of a piano causes a crash when the piano keyboard is visible.
  • Fix #272172: Remove tuplets after inserting measures causes corruption/crash
  • Fix crash in MusicXML import when drumset instrument has no midi-unpitched

Score layout

  • Fix #253926: Key signature not displaying correctly on clef change at the start of a score
  • Fix #267602: Measure shifts back and forth with each layout
  • Fix #269404: Line/Ottava Text properties do not apply user-defined vertical offsetting properly
  • Fix #271187: Bad canvas position when operating near right margin with vertical stacking
  • Fix #271450: Double-click to set breaks on frames
  • Fix #271529: Incorrect stem position for some noteheads in layout
  • Fix #272023: Downstem mirrored notes lose accidental
  • Fix #272066: Canvas improperly positioned when setting zoom level
  • Fix #272390: Measure numbering by interval should take 1st measure number into account
  • Fix #272691: No naturals in key sig after mmrest
  • Fix #273555: Checking "Show first" with an interval of 1 for measure numbers only shows measure number 1
  • Fix #273305: Courtesy clef hide/show issue


  • Reworked instruments.xml
  • Fix #271103: Add 7-string guitar and Cavaquinho (4-strings guitar)
  • Add missing 5-string staff type, append 7- and 8-string tablature types
  • Don't show presets for more strings than the instrument is set up for, esp. counting only fretted strings, i.e. non-open strings


  • Fix #271707: MusicXML export: crash when exporting hairpins
  • Fix #271840: MusicXML import: no barlines when using property
  • Fix #272062: Opening of some MusicXML files caused MuseScore to crash


New contributors

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this release, and a special shout-out to the five new contributors: