Thumb position - Daumenposition

• 30. Aug 2019 - 17:46

Anybody found a way to increase the size of the thumb position fingering symbol? It is (and always has been since the big muse bang) much to small compared to the other fingering numbers... thanks! Below you will find a screenshot with 3 red circles (text size is increased to 11pt) showing
- a normal number in the left circle (following the increased text size),
- a micro thumb position in the circle right top of the first (not following)
- my replacement solution to the far right, some special character I copied in (following)

Anhang Größe
thumb.muse_.png 198.29 KB


Welches Symbol genau? "p", "T" oder diese Artikulation? The ersten beiden haben einen Textstil (LH/RH Gitarre Fingersatz) und können über diesen vergrößert werden.

Ah, lesen bildet, diese Artikulation...

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