Fingering / thumb position ist not following the fingering text size

• Aug 31, 2019 - 10:47

Is there a way to increase the size of the thumb position fingering symbol? It is (and always has been since the big muse bang) much to small compared to the other fingering numbers...

The enclosed screenshot shows 3 red circles. Fingering text size is increased to 11pt.
- a normal fingering (number) in the left circle (followed my increased fingering text size)
- a thumb position fingering in the circle to the top right of the first (not following the text size)
- my replacement solution to the far right, some special character I copied in (following the text size)

So, only the tumb position symbol stays in the original 8pt setting...

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But it should be possible to create your own fingering element and add that symbol as text from the Special Characters palette (it's under "String techniques"), then it will be resizable (default for all symbols is 20pt, FYI. You could then add this to a "custom palette" as explained in the Handook under that phrase.

Offhand, though, I can't think of a great reason why it isn't already done that way, except I guess the need for it to be 20pt to match the rest would still make it not respond to style changes as expected.

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