MuseScore 3.3 Release Candidate 3

• Oct 26, 2019 - 12:47

We are pleased to announce MuseScore 3.3 Release Candidate 3.

We have already implemented essential improvements related to the appearance, usability, and customization possibilities of the palettes. We are focusing on new users to let them understand MuseScore's facilities faster and easier, yet keep the workflow for experienced users the same or significantly simplify it.

One more thing we want to see in the upcoming MuseScore 3.3 release is the Tantacrul's Note Input workflow redesign implementation. @mattmcclinch generously helped the project and implemented the most significant part of the usability improvements. The changes were not massive, but significantly improve the UX of the Note Input workflow. It allows users to enter notes right after clicking proper duration without extra clicking "N".

Windows 64-bit Windows 32-bit macOS 10.10 or higher Linux AppImage
(64-bit only)

Note Input workflow improvements

Check out the video we've prepared to let you know what have been changed and how things work now.


  • Improve algorithm for determining start point for note input
  • Simplify and improve usability of the Note Input Workflow
  • Move the viewport to show actual changes in the score if they are outside of the current view


  • Fix a couple of issues related to Roman Numerical Analysis
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I am enthusiastic about the new note input work flow and UI and am in favour of implementing it in the official 3.3 release. However, why not include the new proposed input workflow in this release candidate 3 for users to test? I installed the Mac version, and the note input workflow was the old one. Did someone make an error with the Mac build and forget to include the note input changes?

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The new workflow is in the RC3.

Edit: some of it is. The claim that note input mode starts when you press a duration does not seem to be correct. When you change the duration, it affects whatever is selected but note entry mode is not turned on. I'm fine with this, I'm more likely to change a duration and not want note entry mode turned on. It seems mostly to work the way it used to. I expected that pressing 7 then B (without note entry mode turned on) would give me a whole note B, but it still gives me a 1/4 note.

Am I misunderstanding something?

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The new workflow is in RC3. And it does mostly work the way it used to. Pressing a duration button (or a dot, or an accidental) will bring you into note input mode, but only if nothing in the score is selected.

Most of the changes have to do with the way the accidental buttons work. They are toggle buttons now, and in note input mode, they affect the next note rather than the note just entered.

Shouldn't a "release candidate" version be in a sort of a "final state", that is a version for some "under the hood" last-minute testing and fine-tunings before claiming the version is an actual release one? Looks like you are treating this "release candidate" as a common beta. Am I wrong?

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It was the case for the first Release Candidate and all RCs before. Meantime, in a modern world where everything changes at a tremendous speed, we had to remove changes related to Save Online (RC2). In a day after RC2 we had to decide whether we want to have the Note Input workflow changes now or postpone them for a couple of months until the next minor update. We decided that the changes are small enough and have an incredible value for new users, so that here is a RC3.

ETA for official release is October, 31.

While I like the UI's Light theme, the Dark theme could use some fine tuning. For example, the outer thin vertical and horizontal line around the Inspector and Drumset panels could be removed or darkened to give a less fractured/broken-up appearance. It's more noticeable at full resolution than in the screenshot below.

Screen Shot 2019-10-26 at 11.35.53 AM.png

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I love this software, but the newest update is crashing every single time I open my computer. I have a compatible windows 10 operating system and I haven't ever had a problem with this software over the past 4 years. Can you look at this issue? I would love to be able to continue using this software.

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