sync or transfer all files/scores from old version to new

• May 18, 2020 - 20:05

I just updated to version 3 but none of my scores are posted. How do I transfer all the scores I created to the new version? Do I need to do this with every update? Thanks so much.


What do you mean by none of my scores are posted ?
But yes, you'd need to open your old scores and save in the new version with any major update (1.x, 2.x, 3.x and probably 4.x too).
You don't need to though, as one (preferably the latest, 1.3, 2.3.2, and currently 3.4.2) of any these versions can coexist on the same computer (and even be used at the same time)

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None of my scores from V2 are in V3. Usually when you update something, everything transfers to the new version. I prefer to have everything in one place rather than have to search in 2 or more different applications for anything specific.
Jojo, what do you mean "you'd need to your old scores.....". Sounds like something is missing. I've created 400+ scores. Do I have to figure out how to copy and paste each one from V2 into V3? Sorry for not understanding. Thanks.

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You don't need to do anything. And for any minor change to those 400+ scores I'd recommend you to continue to use MuseScore 2(.3.2). For new ones and for for major changes of the older 2.x scores use MuseScore 3(.4.2), for 2.x scores just open them in MuseScore 3 (which basically is an import) and save under a different names (or in a different folder), to keep your 2.x copy of them

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Thanks Jojo and Shoichi for the advice and the links. Helps to know that V2 doesn't understand V3. I finally figured out how to save V2 files in V3. I also noticed that if I want to open a V2 score in V3 and save it in V3, a popup box opens and asks if I want to "reset all elements". Not sure what that means, but I'll have to play with it. Thanks again.

Launch Musescore 3, open your files, save as. Check under Edit/Preferences the destination path, it should be different from the 2X path.
You use a Mac so you won't visualize like me, but it's just an example (attached).

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Recommendation that doesn't make sense for me.
When you have lot of v2 scores properly organized in folders, I don't see why I should create a parallel structure for V3 and look for scores in two different places forever (if not forever, at least until all V2 scores have become V3 which is provably forever)

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