Unable to transpose concert bass drum notes

• Jun 21, 2020 - 11:12

In the attached score (in progress), I want the concert bass drum part to be an octave lower on the staff. But so far the pitch seems to be unmovable. This has never happened before. Can you help?

(The first entrance of the concert bass drum is at bar 118.)


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To be clear, though: bass drum is not a pitched instrument, there is no concept of it being an "octave" lower. The real question to me is why are you using a five-line staff here. The default for concert bass drum is a single line.

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Yes, I understand that the bass drum is an unpitched instrument. I used the word ‘octave’ in a non-literal sense relative to the 5-line staff. And I used a 5-line staff because other non-pitched percussion instruments would be sharing that staff. Given the purpose of this score - one part of a multi-song collection for a children’s musical for which I am just the arranger - I didn’t want several 1-line staves creating clutter or possible confusion.

In any case, I appreciate the help.

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Okay, I know why I wasn't seeing the same list, including the generic Percussion item. I was searching under the "Common" heading instead of "All".

On a slightly different tangent regarding the instrument list: Under "Electronic", there are numerous descriptive names for different types of synths, but I don't see a simple generic "Synth" on the list. Could it be added? Most synths are capable of producing many or all of the separate sound categories that are individually listed. A generic "Synth" wouldn't be limited to just one thing.


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FWIW, when looking for instruments, easiest is usually to ignore the genre dropdown at the top and just use the search box at the bottom. At least if you have some idea of what you are looking for.

Regarding synth, I agree there should be a generic one. But meanwhile, you can simply select whatever you want now then change its name. As far as I know the only difference between the options provided are the default sounds loaded into the mixer, but chances you are going to need to customize those as well. If you're going to need a lot of different sounds the "Effects" version works well.

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