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• Jul 19, 2020 - 02:00

Hello, I need some help. I'm writing an arrangement of Wave by Tom Jobim, I wanna write this chord, can I format same style than songbook? I've tried Nashville, just text with superscript/subscript, in this case, the numbers didn't align, Jazz style. Some tips, please? Thanks!

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MuseScore doesn't do the vertical stacking like that. You will need to type the chord more the way other publishers do things. I would use A7b9sus personally, as would the publishers I have worked with.

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Musescore Jazz Style does vertical stacking for some chords, e.g. 6/9, so why not this one?
According to it is possible to customise the style:
"The Custom style option allows you to customize the look of chord symbols (and also ensures compatibility with older scores). Select a customized Chord symbols style file in the field below: this can be created by copying and modifying one of the pre-existing files in the "styles" folder. Documentation can be found in the same folder. Note, however, that this is for advanced users only, and there is no guarantee these files will be supported in the future."

I had a look at some of the style files and the documentation, and I think can see how to produce what the OP wants. However I didn't risk trying it as I would in any case use the modern method,

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