When does musescore support midi2.0?

• Aug 4, 2020 - 10:09

Midi2.0 standard has appeared for a long time, I hope you will support it as soon as possible.


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There is massive benefit for MuseScore. This is a very long discussion to explain how and why, as it does not seem quite obvious at first.
But, once you dig deeper into the potential of the MIDI 2.0 specification, particularly the various aspects of the extensions that have been reserved in the spec, but have not be completed (in some cases not even started), you can see how this could significantly increase the potential capabilities of the software.

"On Sunday, January 19, 2020 at the Annual Meeting of the MIDI Manufacturers Association, the complete suite of MIDI 2.0 specifications were adopted unanimously by the MMA members in attendance."

7 months is not quite "for a long time"

Yes, we will support it as soon as possible, just like any other thing we support.
But ASAP doesn't mean tomorrow, nor guarantees inclusion in the next (major) release.

I am curious to know which Midi2.0 feature you're waiting on though.

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New things aren't always better than old ones. (Just look at the build quality of some products..)
Moreover, MIDI 2.0 has been hellbent on being entirely MIDI 1 backwards compatible.

It's a big upgrade if you're using MIDI as an inter-instruments hardware communication protocol which is only in the margin of the useful info with regards to score notation creation.

See also the remark in the linked topic. Yes, MIDI2 can (and likely will) be a gamechanger on many aspects; but conveying music notation information isn't really one of them.

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MIDI 2.0 has incredible potential for conveying all types of musical information, including notation.
There are two aspects of notation support in MIDI 2.0.
1. Translation of orchestral articulations between notation and MIDI
2. Communication of notation information, including layout, within the standard MIDI 2.0 file

Both of these are very early in development. While the core MIDI 2.0 specification is finished, the various extensions (orchestra articulations, notation, audio) and the standard MIDI 2.0 file format are still in progress.
I believe the potential for MIDI 2.0 can be transformative for MuseScore and should definitely be on the roadmap at some point.

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So my initial reply still very much stands, as does Jojo's:
At this point in time there is nothing yet in MIDI 2.0 that would have a benefit to MuseScore, as those parts that in the future might haven't been released as a specification yet.

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