Preserve correct number of bars when editing multirests

• Aug 17, 2020 - 09:51
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S4 - Minor

Select a bar. Insert measures. Alter the multi-rest. It disappears, as do the inserted bars, but the bar numbers say they are still there.

See the attached .gif

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Unfortunately I can't really tell what you are doing after adding the four measures. Can you please describe the steps more precisely? And probably best to attach your score, the issue could possibly be specific to some combination of settings etc.

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When you pressed 5, were you expecting it to ha he the 4 measure rest into a single quarter rest, or did you really intend to go into note input mode but forgot to press N?

I’m thinking probably if someone presses a duration shortcut with a multi measure rest selected, probably nothing should happen except maybe an error dialog.

I would expect the multirest would be divided into two sections - the new bar I'm editing that now has some data in it, and the other part of the multirest (which is now one bar shorter) moved to the right. I think it already does this in a new score. It just doesnt in the one I attached.

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In any case, I can reproduce an issue in this score. After pressing 5, the first measure of the added group is turned into a normal measure, but I see a thick barline after that, indicating a potential corruption in the score. This happens only in continous view it seems. Problem goes away upon toggling mmrests off then back on.

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Out of interest, why do you have multimeasure rests turned on? It is not usual other than in a single part if there is a section where other instruments are playing but the part you are viewing has nothing happening. If nothing at all is happening in all of the instruments it is more usual to show it as a GP. And even if you do want multimeasure rests shown in the final version, it makes things much easier when entering/editing to have them turned off.