Setting new defaults

• Sep 5, 2020 - 14:53

Is there a way to set default values for:
Measure numbers (size and frequency)
Chord (vertical)

thanks, spojaw


For scaling I think the easiest way is to adjust it inside a score and save this score as template. Then you can load this custom template by creating a new score. In this dialogue specify the numbers of measures.
Alternatively save your settings as style and load it for other scores.
Or save it instead of in the template folder in your score folder and open it for other scores.

I'm not sure about your request about chords, are you talking about fretboard diagrams? If so, it's not possible to change the direction for it at time.

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If I understand it correct, all these settings should be saved in a style. Also, if you're talking about the placement chord symbols above or below a staff, you can adjust it inside the inspector and define it as style there by clicking on the "S" there. This adjustment will also be saved into a custom style.

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