making notes, clef signature, time signature all bigger

• Sep 14, 2020 - 16:13

I am helping create some teaching material for young beginning pianists. I need to make everything bigger on the page. I can make the staff bigger, that's not a problem. But when I make the staff bigger, the clef sign, time signature and notes all remain the same size as before. I've searched the handbook to try to find how to make the noteheads bigger but could not find what I wanted. I'm sure there is a simple way. I just haven't discovered it. Help.


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Is it an option that you print/export the score to a PDF?

With a number of viewers, you can open the PDF and choose the zoom level. The PDF that you create will be a vector-based PDF. if you zoom, things will still be sharp. In the next example I zoomed to 400% :

I Used To Have What.png

If this doesn't work in your situation, then please let us know in which setting these beginning pianists learn. Maybe there's something alternative. Am I right that "Zoom" (next to "undo" and "redo" on top of the MuseScore screen) isn't what you're looking for either?

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If you are no longer in MuseScore and all you have is a previously-exported PDF, and if you only intend to display on screen and don't need to print, and if you don't mind needing to scroll around in order to see the whole page, then yes, zooming in within a PDF viewer would be about the only workaround. But, for any of the more general cases, you really are much better off simply making the score bigger using the scaling in Page Settings, as described. that way it is bigger in MuseScore, it's bigger in the PDF, it is bigger when printed either from MuseScore or the PDF, and everything still fits on the screen.

Zoom within MuseScore is kind of like look with a PDF viewer - fine if you are not concerned with printing, or if you don't mind having to scroll around to see the whole page. Also, if you don't need the setting to be exported to PDF. But changing the actual score size solves all those problems.

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Also, the staff scaling doesn't uniformly affect things that are not attached to any one staff, like tempo markings, voltas, etc. So it's really only meant for cases where you literally want mixed staff sizes in a single score, such as for the score of piece for piano plus solo instrument where the piano is full size but the solo instrument is small.

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