Visible Text Cursor for Filled Text Boxes

• Oct 14, 2020 - 07:35

I recently set white backgrounds as the default style for text boxes in MuseScore (I'm tired of barlines overlapping with text), but the text cursor (the vertical bar that flashes to mark where your text input is) is not visible so typing can be difficult. Probably should fix it to make it visible?


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Sounds about right. On a related note, selecting the fill color for the text box by clicking a color square on the top left of the pallete doesn't seem to work? At least for the white color box; I always had to choose the pick color screen option to find a white color, which then doesn't exactly seem to blend in with the background white (is the background fully white?) color that I wanted it to.

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I believe what you are seeing is that the white color box isn't white but clear. The alpha is set to 0 (invisible) while the color white you get from the selector has an alpha of 255 (no transparency at all). You can select the white and set the alpha to 255.

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I checked and alpha is set to 255. My goal is to get a white background so barlines etc. won't hurt text readability. The problem is that the textbox's white color is of a slightly different hue than the background score's white color. I attached a sample, though it might be small and hard to discern.

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Were you setting the hightlight color or only the frame color? The highlight color is the color inside of the text box. In my testing, I made both the frame, text and hightlight white, color $ffffff and set the alpha to 255 for the highlight (which defaults to 0) and I don't see any difference between the text box and default paper color.

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