How to consistently align staff text?

• Nov 2, 2020 - 15:35

I added a,b,c,d as four separate staff texts, by clicking on the bottom note (C3) of each chord. I then turned off Automatic Placement. I'm able to align a,b,c,d on the X axis consistently (above the double bar lines) but why are they not consistently aligned on the Y axis, even though the Y spacing is consistent (-12.50)?

C Major Chord Voicings.mscz


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It's the difference between letters without a descender (like a, b, c, x, z) and letters with a descender (like g, j, p, q, y). If you use "align to bottom edge of text", the bottom edge varies between letters with and without a descender. So I always use "align to baseline" which allows any descenders to go below the baseline.

However, you are are making the job very much harder by attaching these texts to the bottom staff when you actually want them to appear above the top. Simply attaching them to the top staff (by selecting the rest, for instance) and they are perfectly positioned and aligned right out of the box, no need to manually adjust, no need to disable autoplace, etc. If you want them lower than the default, or further to the left, do this once, then hit "Set as Style" and all will follow suit.

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