Any Sostenuto pedal??

• Nov 22, 2020 - 00:17

Unless I'm just stupid, I can't seem to find the Sost. pedal

I see it in the master palette, but it doesn't perform anything except to function as a text.



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"I mean like the middle pedal, the one where you can sustain a few notes, but not the others."

On a real piano the middle (Sostenuto) pedal sustains only those notes which are held down when the pedal is applied (not any notes struck subsequently).

Playback for a Sostenuto pedal is not implemented in MuseScore. All the pedal symbols in the Lines palette refer to the Damper pedal, on the right on a real piano. Confusingly the Damper pedal is often referred to as the Sustain or Sustaining pedal! That's how I was brought up in the UK: my teachers never called it the Damper pedal...

You can assemble a Sost. Ped. marking using text, lines, and symbols, but as has been remarked, it won't realize in playback (unlike regular Ped. lines). If you want that, you can notate it artificially using invisible notes in other voices.

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