Change the Scale and Reference Frequency?

• Nov 28, 2020 - 20:43

Is there a way to define the musical scale in Musescore? For example, instead of using the standard 12 EDO scale with A=440 hz, is it possible to define a 16 tone per octave scale with reference frequency C=388.36 hz? I have discovered that it is possible to redefine the staff with 4 lines, but is there a way to define each line and space with a particular pitch or frequency? I define the pitches of the scale with number designations instead of the standard letter names. Is it possible to make these kinds of changes in Musescore? I realize this probably dramatically alters what's "under the hood" in Musescore, but if such alterations are possible, or were to become possible, this program would be indispensable to microtonalists all over the world. Thank you for your consideration, and please respond to let me know the status. Thanks! Bruce


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You can redefine the A₄ pitch. MuseScore will then change all other pitches to match, using 12-tone equal temperament. Then you can give each note a pitch offset (in cent) from that calculated default pitch.

The A₄ pitch frequency precision is 3 digits after the period, which is nowhere near enough to e.g. realise a C₄=256 Hz tuning properly. (It’s probably better to start with default A₄=440 Hz and apply all offsets from that, so you don’t accumulate floating point rounding/precision errors.)

You cannot, however, change the system of tones and semitones, or how the octave is split.

(You can implement a tuning where enharmonics have different pitch in MuseScore. Or even where tuning changes mid-piece. This is because the pitch offset is per note.)

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