Extra ledger lines under lowest note in a chord

• Dec 6, 2020 - 01:43

While entering a few measure of two-voice guitar on a treble clef with a linked tablature, I copied a measure and moved some notes. In the attached score the low D note in measure 3 has a couple extra ledger lines underneath which shouldn't be there. Is this operator error on my part or a minor bug in Musescore version 3.5.2?


That is your mistake. You have moved, probably dragged, the A in voice 2 up so it looks like a D. Click it and look at the Y offset in the chord section of the inspector. Change this to 0 or select the note and press ctrl+r to fix it.

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You most likely accidentally double clicked the note then dragged it. Double clicking puts the note in edit mode and it's difficult to tell you've done it until the note sounds wrong. Once you're aware of it, it's the first thing you'll look for. I believe that some recent internal changes to MuseScore has made accidental double clicks easier. There are other situations that double clicks cause other difficult to find problems.

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