Exporting as a MIDI file adds .mid to the project's default export name

• Dec 6, 2020 - 11:44

Open a project, export it as a pdf, everything is fine. Then export it as a MIDI file, everything is also fine. But then export it again as a pdf. The pdf export now has the extension .mid.pdf [edit: MacOS]


Which Operating System?
My bet is on Linux, if so: what distrubution and does removing the tick at Edit > Preferences > Advanced > ui/application/useNativeDialogs help?

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MacOS (sorry forgot to mention).

I unchecked that box (which I didn't know existed), and that does solve the problem, thanks. I suppose I could get used to the Windows-like dialogs but I would rather maintain MacOS dialogs.

... [correction]
Well, I thought that fixed it, but it doesn't, not quite. After exporting as a .mid, the dialog still opens with the project name followed by .mid even if another file type like .pdf is selected in the menu at the bottom of the dialog.

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