3.6 crash entering 4 quarter notes

• Jan 17, 2021 - 06:12

Mac 10.4.6
Created score. Entered 4 quarter notes on bottom staff, Baritone 2. Got rotating beach ball on fourth note. Force Quit.

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Thanks. I used to crash Finale updates within a few hours/days of installing them. I learned that such a crash is often a sign from the creativity deities, that I am writing -- how would one put it in english . . . c-r-*-p, and the unrepentant crash is a way of wiping the slate clean, and doing it much better the second-time-around.

I find, in general, 3.6 quite fun, but there remain many things I would like to be able to do, but music notation programs are aimed at the 99.9% of users.

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You wouldn't believe how often verifying the information given to us actually solved the issue.

In this case however, it seems that there was indeed a crash on your system happening during the mouse release (so I assume you're clicking in the notes with the mouse?).
As it currently stands, that measure has been made invisible for that instrument, and I (on windows) seemingly can click in notes into it without crashing.

If you can somehow figure out if there were other specific actions to trigger this bug, then we can reproduce and get on to solving it.

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