Version 3.6 difficulties

• Jan 25, 2021 - 14:26

Hi, all together -ffter installing the new version I see a problem to move an instrument within a score. It´s been very easy to do this in the former version: just marking and pulling it up or down in the score. Now I can just find two actions - to add an instrument or to delete it. I find that a real degradation in tuning the position of instruments within a score.

Is this situation wanted or is it still in progress? - or is it an unsufficient installation process of the new version?


Press I and reorder to your heart's content.
Marking in score and pulling down never was a (supported) action. How ehere when dod that work?

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Hi Jojo,
you are wrong. In MuseScore Version 2 and the former version 3 there was under Bearbeiten - Instrumente
the possibility to use two arrows to find a new place for a voice - very easy and comfortable. These two arrows for positioning a marked voice up or down within a score. I have version 2 still on my pc and I looked for it just now. Version 3.6 has cancelled this feature.

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Actually, I'd say that while we might be used to the buttons there, they never really made sense. The buttons in the middle made it look like they somehow applied to the content on either side. They don't - they only apply to the right column. placing them in closer proximity to the right column is objectively better on that count. Only the add & remove buttons have relevance to both columns, so only those "belong" in the middle logically.

That said, I don't find the current arrangement optimum either - I don't like there being three places to look now. Still, the old arrangement clearly had flaws.

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