Czech translation of Manual 3 - Text (introduction) page, same error as with Tremolo page

• Dec 6, 2020 - 08:12

An error occurs during Page "Text" - Czech translation, creation.

Now Czech localization page for Text doesn't exist, also remains untranslated: see Text.

When trying to add the Czech translation of the page, with the same (or other) name, doesn't matter, there is always the "red" report about failure: "The alias is already in use."

The same error related to the page creation (with localization) lasts in previously mentioned Tremolo page. See Tremolo. The page also remains untranslated too.

What to do (administrators work) for it to be fixed?


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Hi, also I've continued and successfully completed the update of MuseScore 3 manual's translation including the "Formatting" chapter, and in time I could continue with Advanced topics, but there is still some unresolved thing with the "Tremolo" page - as I tried it some minutes ago, the error message didn't change. How to proceed, when obviously it is not in my power (I've only managed to copy the older MuseScore's translation of Tremolo page, and pasted it to the comment in forum.)?

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Now I see, that the tremolo Czech page is created and can be edited. Also this issue is solved.
The Text chapter - introduction can be created/edited too.

And I would use this opportunity to ask for the change of the texts on main page, because these are probably those, only administrator could change/translate:

Create, play and print beautiful sheet music:
Vytvářejte, přehrávejte a tiskněte nádherné noty

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I've sent the e-mail to Thomas Bonte on 23. 1. 2021, but for the time being without reaction. Could you please make necessary operation, or tell who should I ask for? Thanks.

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