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• Jan 30, 2021 - 17:57

The Handbook says:

Create a new text style
From the menu bar, select Style → Text...; or right-click on a text object and select Text Style...;

Click on New;

I have a MuseScore score opened with 3.6. Clicking Format/Style, I get a box headed Style, but in the extensive menu item in that box, there is no Text option. There are various options including the word Text, but no option for just Text. And when I click on the options that have text in them, none of them offer a New option.

Also, I'm not sure what a text object is, but when I click on any text, I do not get a Text Style option.

How do I edit text style?


Format/Style->Text Style at the bottom of the list. You can use Inspector after you have selected an element, and use the Set as style button.


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Thanks, I see that screen (on which the last item in English is Text Styles, not Text as the Handbook claims, which is not at all a quibble since application documentation ought to be precisely accurate and not "sort of" or "more or less" or "well you know what I mean"), but it just makes my problem worse. I want all text in all my scores to be Times New Roman. The only way I can see to do this is to click on every one of the fifty or so options on the left, and then change the font box in each option on the right, and to do this for every score I have.

MuseScore 3.6 obviously has the capability to set a default font for all the options on the right of the a above box. Is there really not any way for me to change it to what I want?

Edit after further experimentation: I tried to do this by changing the style of an existing MuseScore score changing all the font options in the font options to TNR and saving the style, then applying the load style to another old score. This mostly works, but at least one irritating thing is that in some cases, but not always, the change to TNR doesn't apply to text after the little note and number in a tempo marking, for instance, if you have a tempo marking [little note] = 72 Mysteriously. But sometimes it does. If I find any other inconsistencies, I'll report them here.

Tangential remark: some apps when you access the menu of all your possible font options put a few of the most recently used ones at the beginning of the list, which is extremely convenient.

Your references to Style / Text makes me think you are looking at the handbook for MuseScore 2, not MuseScore 3. Much has changed regarding the handling of text style indeed since then, so owner things would seem off if that's what is happening. Best to access the Handbook directly from this site or form Help / Online Handbook; random links on the web can often be to older versions (and so, annoyingly, can Google searches).

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