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• Jan 31, 2021 - 02:04
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Installed 3.6 64 on new laptop (Assus ZenBook). icons can only be seen with a magnifying glass. Program is unusable.


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Use the -D dpi commandline optopn and/or Edit > Preferences > General > Icon size
Don't use a display scaling that is way too high.

Inch by inch we're getting closer I think.

There is no SAVE button and Escape doesn't work. When I go back in no changes took place.

How do you save the changes.

?? The save button is at the bottom of that dialog. A simple Return or Enter should use that, incase that dialog is too large for your screen, which in tuen also points at a wrong(ly detected) DPI seting or a bad scaling value on your display drover

I'm not familiar with all the dedails on all the variations of Windows, but I think you are misunderstanding something fundamental here. You shouldn't touching an options that say anything about compatibility, or about icons. You need to do one thing one: add "-D xxx" (where xxx is the actual resolution in DPI, probably something like 200) to the command line used to start MuseScore. See for instance https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/tutorials/understanding-command-line-a…, but also do web searches to understand more about how to use command line arguments on your particular version of Windows.

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This will be my last reply.

EVERY other program on my Asus ZenBook Win 10 64 bit works normally without modifying command-lines or anything else. BTW, I've been writing batch programs files since the '80's using DOS on my IBM AT. The Asus display is at factory settings (1600/1200). So, thank you for the lecture.

I also just installed version 3.6 on my Dell Win 10 32 bit. Everything works normally. So the bottom line is my issue with the Asus is a bug.

1600/1200 on what screen size? I'm using this on my 20" screen and it works great, and at a 100% scaling, which means 100DPI (good old Pythagoras to the rescue).
Same resolution on a ZenBook, which one, 13, 14, 15 inch screen? on 14" that would be 143DPI. What screen scaling? Certainly not 100%, right?

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I understand that the other programs you happen to have installed on this particular machine might happen to display correctly. Other programs, however, might not. And those same programs that work on this computer might misbehave on others. It is, unfortunately, a fact of life that ever since people started making high DPI monitors, there have not been good universal standards for how operating systems and applications should handle it, so there are glitches maybe 5% of the time. Unfortunately this was your turn to be hit by this, but luckily MuseScore - unlike some of the other programs that might suffer from this - provides a solution, using that command line option.

Hmm, are you saying you added the "-D xxx" to the command line and it didn't work, or that you never figured out how to add that to the command line? I'd be very surprised if the former. If the latter, I recommend finding a friend with some more computer knowledge to help. It's really a pretty simple thing if you know your way around Windows well, but hard to describe otherwise.