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• Feb 8, 2021 - 20:15

Hi! Can anyone help me with this? I'm trying to install musescore drumline but nothing shows up when I go to help/resource manager, as it's explained here: Attachment of what I see on my mac. Currently working on MacOS 10.13.06 and using latest musescore version.

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Strange that it isn't there... It should be visible in the help menu if you don't type anything.
Anyway, the workaround is the following:
- Open Preferences
- In the General tab, choose "Update translations"
- And then (after a little while?) the Resource Manager shows up, with the Languages tab, and you can just switch to the Extensions tab.

I am not sure what that picture shows, but it isn't the Help menu itself. Some sort of special search mode? If you open the help menu normally, you won't see a search bar or any of the text you show there. You;ll just see a standard Help menu, with items like Online handbook, Tours, About, etc. And towards the bottom is Resource Manager.

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As in.. from a code perspective there is afaik no difference between the help menu and any other, so I'm at this point of information more inclined to think this is a bug on the Apple (or Qt integration) side rather than on the MuseScore side.

Can your search filter find anything else within the help menu?

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