Instruments that do not play

• Feb 15, 2021 - 16:41

I have a problem which I have put on the forum but the answers did not help me/

Here is the problem. When I want to play a composition back most of the instruments do not play. They will only play if I click on them and then on play.

No instruments are muted or on solo.

How can this be corrected as it wastes time to click every instrument first before all can be heard.

Warm regards

Jerome Dempsey


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Sounds like either you haven't loaded all the correct soundfonts, or you haven't or set them up in your Mixer to correspond to the right sounds here, or you are trying to use a soundfont that does not support single note dynamics but you have set the staff and/or your synthesizer to use them. My best guess is it's the latter, and you'll have to research what sing;le note dynamics options your soundfonts support and set up the options appropriately in View / Synthesizer / Dynamics and/or the staff properties for the relevant instruments.

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