Preferences for MIDI I/O not saved in version 3.6.2....

• Feb 20, 2021 - 18:10

I have updated a few days ago to the current version. I select choices in the MIDI In and Out drop-down boxes on the I/O tab in Preferences, and then hit Apply, the selections then disappear when I close the Preferences window. I have tried restarting the program and the computer; restarting the Audio/MIDI devices, and continue to have this issue.
My MIDI keyboard does not work as a result. I am using the same hardware set-up as always have, and I have not had a recent upgrade to WIN 10, so no changes there.
The MIDI keyboard/interface hardware etc. still works with other programs.


Are you sure you are using 3.6.2? There was a bug in an older version - 3.5.1, maybe? fixed quite a while ago, that could cause these settings to be lost. The workaround back then was to change some other setting also, just to force MsueScore to apply the settings at all (it wasn't noticing this change and was happily exiting without doing anything).

Also, are you pressing Restart Audio and MIDI Devices? That's often necessary when making changes here.

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Yes, I am using 3.6.2. I had found all the past posts from the problem at that time, and read through many; also tried the work-around you had posted.
After looking at a variety of information found in Google searches, I began to suspect that the issue had to do with MIDI port assignments. Looking in Device Manager, I found that a virtual MIDI port that was shown in software devices was disabled. Turns out that if there is a conflict, Windows disables one of them. I enabled that virtual MIDI port and that fixed the problem. I suspect that my MIDI keyboard was assigned to that port. Perhaps Musescore clears the MIDI I/O assignments if the port cannot be found?
I opened other programs that use MIDI ports to see if I could replicate a conflict, but did not find anything. Hopefully it will stay fixed.

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