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• Feb 26, 2021 - 06:25

I wish I could choose the tone naming convention. If I want the UI to be in Swedish, I'm stuck with the German tone naming (A, H, C...). To be able to use the "international" naming (A, B, C...) I have to switch the UI to English. This is wrong. In reality, both naming conventions are used in Sweden and Finland! And both are taught in schools. The German names are perhaps more used in classic music education and the international names in schools. In this discussion I had it explaqined for me that MuseScore is designed in a way that the note naming is inseparatable from the language of the UI. This is the crucial point I wish would change!
In other areas I can choose international tone names, like in chord symbols or note head styles, without changing the UI language. Wherever the UI uses tone names, it should similarly pick the names from a set chosen by the user. F.i. in the transposing tool, where you have a drop down menu to pick the new key.


You can't translate a string into 2 different variants in the same language. So if B in Swedish can be B or H, a choice has to be made. Here apparently H.
For Chord symbols there's a setting, that changes the interpretation and rendering.

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As you explain it, it seems the tone names are written in a language pack. And that language pack has only one set of tone names. I get that. But my suggestion is that tone names are not fetched from that language pack, but from another instance. That instance would be a separate xml file holding all tone name systems, which now are a part of the language packs. I'm just guessing here. I'm a programmer and I know what can be done. I also know that certain things require larger structural changes in the setup. This might be such a case.

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Yes, translations of note names from from a language pack. One (brute force) solution would be 2 Swedish translation to choose from. Downside: for just one string being different almost 8000 strings would need to get duplicated. Another solution: have a majority vote on that, amongst Swedish users, and henceforth use that.

And I don't need an explanation like "this is not possible because of this-and-that". In that case the focus should be on "this-and-that" and how to get it changed. Everything is possible.

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