Midi input / Midi output fields empty

• Jun 22, 2020 - 11:34

Hello. I would love to be able to input notes using my digital piano. I can successfully use the piano to input notes using Cakewalk by Bandlab, so this shows that midi is at least functioning. However, in Musescore 3 under the I/O tab, the midi input and midi output fields are blank and I think this is why I'm unable to input notes even when the midi input/note input is selected. Please see attached screenshot.

As I said, midi input works fine when using other software. I have tried resetting the default midi settings and even done a fresh install of Musescore, sadly to no avail. I am running Windows 10 64 bit. I have also ensured the following boxes are unticked as suggested here:

In case of interference with other programs, esp. on Windows, go into your soundcard configuration from Control Panel and ensure that the Allow applications to take exclusive control of this device in the Advanced tab of both Playback and Recording is unticked.

Thanks for any advice!

Best wishes

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Fantastic, thanks very much everyone, switching on my digital piano BEFORE starting Musescore has done the trick. I really appreciate the help. By the way, shall I just leave the Midi Output field blank? As you can see from the screenshot, I do have the facility to add something there under the drop down menu, but I'm not sure what I would use this for (it appears that Midi Input is all I need to transfer notes from my piano to the software).

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I'm having the same problem as Phantomwheelspinner, but haven't managed to fix it. The problem is that I can't use my digital piano to input notes into Musescore (with a MIDI connection). Under Edit>Preferences>I/O, the drop-down menus for MIDI Input and MIDI Output are blank. I attach a screenshot.

The problem still happens when I have my keyboard on and the MIDI cable connected before I open Musescore.

I know the MIDI connection is working because I can play the piano and see notes appear in Bandlab (and in Midi-OX). In Edit>Preferences>Note Input, 'Enable Midi Input' is ticked. I'm using Musescore 3 and a Windows 10 laptop. Any help gratefully appreciated! midi-input-menu-blank.PNG

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Thanks so much, Marc - I've updated to the latest version of Musescore, and now the MIDI input works - well, sort of! The problem now is that when I play notes on the piano (in MIDI note input mode), some notes appear in Musescore fine, others come up as totally different pitches (with a huge number of ledger lines), and many notes don't appear at all. Do you have any thoughts on whether this is likely to be a problem with a driver, my MIDI-USB cable (which was cheap), my digital piano (which is 14 years old), or something else?

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Are you by chance trying to enter notes onto a percussion staff? Or for a transposing instrument? Or did you define some of these keys to do something different in Edit / Preferences / I/O?

If no to all of the above, then please attach your score and give us precise steps to follow to try to reproduce the problem.

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Thanks, Marc! I really appreciate you taking the time to help. I am playing notes on my digital piano, which is connected to my laptop by a MIDI-USD cable. I am trying to enter notes only a single stave (treble clef), not a percussion stave. I attach a test score which demonstrates the problem. I've also made a video here: https://vimeo.com/525235878

As you'll see, I was able to play and enter three single notes correctly (the C an octave above middle C), but then when I played the B, Musescore entered a note with a huge number of ledger lines. I did Ctrl+Z to undo this, and tried entering a few more notes. This time, the first few notes were the correct pitch (C, C, D, E) but Musescore inputted them on top of the previous notes. Then when I played G, Musescore inputted a note with a huge number of ledger lines.

The original problem (no drop-down menus under MIDI input & output in the I/O tab of Preferences) is now fixed.

Many thanks in advance for any help you can offer!

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There's something not quite right with MIDI I/O form. I have also had this problem, and it comes right if closing Musescore and re-opening. I suspect it was to do with Laptop going to sleep on battery. Can I ask Musescore to fix the MIDI Output Latency field on this form? I will not retain the value change. I need this to work because my piano mechanics is quite late.

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