system distance

• Mar 18, 2021 - 15:26

How can I get the systems closer together? At the moment I'm just using single treble clef systems.


The settings that control this are in Format / Style / Page. The optimum values depend on many details of your score that we can't guess at without seeing it (the actual MSCZ file, not a picture). In general, it's best to not think about this until you're done entering your music, because the right spacing depends on the actual musical content, so overrides you apply to an empty or half-finished score usually will turn out to be counterproductive when you're done. But if you are basically done and need further assistance, then please attach your score so we can advise better.

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Not sutre whatresults you are looking for, but the problem I see is you have way too much music on the first page compared to the second. That extra space has to go somewhere. Much better to add breaks to your score to get a better balance. For example, system breaks every four bars after the first (which needs five for the pickup), then a page break after the fourth system.

If for some reason you need to have unbalanced pages and prefer the extra space bunched up at the bottom rather than spread through the staves, add a spacer below the last system. But that's not recommended for the most professional-looking results.

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