Soundfont help/feedback

• Mar 22, 2021 - 21:51

Hello people reading this!

So I'm having trouble finding sound fonts I need for my beautiful symphony piece, because the default sound font for Musescore is not... great, sorry to say. So I have been going through the internet and I can't really find any! There's not really a good sound font that fulfills my needs. Are there any sound fonts you guys recommend? I want a sound font, that by the time I hit the play button with all instruments playing concert C, that the whole symphony will sound the best as they could. Please, I really need you guys' help. I am a bit young for Musescore, but my dream is to create the best music the world has ever seen and I want to prove it with a great sounding sound font. If you do have a sound font I can use, please link it to this forum and I'll give it a try! Thank you all!

Noah Schettler
Young Talented Musician


The MuseScore default soundfont is actually one of the best there is, but of course, no soundfont can possibly capture all the nuances of a real orchestra, which is why you aren't finding anything much better. Getting accurate playback is far more than just having a better soundfont, there is a whole art to it in terms of tweaking individual parameters of each note. There are AI tools than can do this, but they aren't integrated with MuseScore.

Meanwhile, console yourself that the playback you get from MuseScore is about as good as anyone else does either, so when you write music that's as good as or better than the rest, we'll be able to hear it!

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