Inability to stack symbols

• Apr 10, 2021 - 18:58

This old post demonstrates the behavior I used to perform back in past MuseScore versions:

Now, if I attempt to stack a symbol so that they are linked together in 3.6, nothing happens. Was this intentional to remove the ability? If not, any idea as to what may have caused the inability to do so anymore? Or maybe there's a different method?


If I follow what are trying to do, and I might be missing something, here is what I did.
1. Add the time signature left and right bracket to a new palette.
2. Select a note and select left bracket.
3. Select right bracket.
4. Drag right bracket to right of note and set spacing.
5. Move left bracket to show they are linked.
6. CTRL+SHIFT and drag left bracket to palette.. Both brackets show in palette.
7. Select new note and select new bracket symbol from palette.
8. note is bracketed, and can be adjusted.

Have I got it?
This worked.

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Dude, weird. It wasn't working earlier. It seems to not work on a particular score I have, but on a newly formed one it does. Thanks for the verification, at least it proves that this functionality wasn't removed (and got me to verify it works on a new score), but it is a sign that "something" happens (the score I have that it doesn't work in is rather large with a bunch of examples involved in it) that disables this behavior some how. I've encountered weird things happening in larger scores with many changes, like crescendo lines jumping between staves when dragging etc., and maybe this is one of them.

Regarding your steps, there's an extra step so that the bracket-couple can be automatically spaced left & right from a notehead when initially placed: have a third and hidden symbol be the anchor point. It is useful in certain circumstances.

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If you post a brief but precise set of steps for us to follow, we can assist better. All recent versions of MuseScore support the idea of adding symbols to other symbols, but time signatures etc are not symbols, they are regular first-class elements. It's never been possible to attach symbols to elements other than notes, rests, and as of fairly recently, barlines. Well, maybe one or two other element types have been special-cased to allow this, but most have not. I've often wished it were possible.

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