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• Apr 17, 2021 - 17:23
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It's not at all clear what you are asking here. This seems to be a workspace file. Do you have some sort of question about it?

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The programme crashed and I lost several hours of work. Only my original file could be retrieved. On trying to open the later version I just get the message cannot read file. Wondered if there was a way to repair or retrieve it? I didn't click save whilst working on it as I thought there was an automatic save built into the programme.

I think you might be confused on a few points here.

First, what you attached here it your score. It is not a score at all. it's a file used as part of a workspace definition, to tell MuseScore what menus to display. It absolutely does not relate in any way whatsoever to your score or to any work you lost on it. I have no idea where you got this file, but it has no relevance, and won't open in MuseScore because it isn't a score at all. So you can safely ignore this file.

Second, if you save your work regularly as you generally should, there is no way a crash will ever lose hours of work. But even if you make the mistake of not saving your work, MuseScore has an autosave function that saves a copy of your score in a safely hidden location (your actual file itself is never touched by this process). So even if do forget to save your work for several hours, the autosaved copy will contain all but your last two minutes of work. But again, the autosave is not under any circumstances to be considered a substitute for saving your work - it's an emergency spare copy only, only to be used in the event of a crash. Always save your work.

When you start MuseScore after a crash, it will usually ask you if you want to restore your previous session, and if you say yes, you get that autosaved file, with all but the last two minutes of work,. if you accidentally answer no, all is not lost, see https://musescore.org/en/node/52116

Anyhow, in the future, when asking for help using MuseScore, please use the Support forum, where there are many people available to assist. The issue tracker is meant only for reporting specific confirmed and reproducible bugs giving precise steps we developers can follow.