Vertical distance between measures problem

• Apr 19, 2021 - 06:41

Hello guys, my first time asking on this forum. Sorry for the stupid question. Whenever I try to add more measures beyond page 2, the vertical distance between them increases. I add measures by right-clicking the last measure and selecting "insert measures" option. Any ideas on why this might happen?

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The issue here is that you are trying to judge spacing based on a completely empty score. That's not realistic; any adjustments you make to cause a completely empty score to look will almost assuredly make a real score look terrible. Best to wait until your done before trying to make these kinds of adjustments, otherwise your results won't be optimal.

Also, when the time comes, the best way to get the spacing more even is to get the actual number of systems per page more even. That is, don't arrange things so you have eight systems on one page and six on the next - make it seven on each, by adding a page break where needed. Or add more system breaks so it's actually eight on each - probably even better. The point being, again, these decisions cannot be made on an empty score; you need to see the actual music to understand where the breaks will best be placed. So fiddling with spacing settings now just makes the job harder later.

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