Is it possible to tune every note separately?

• Jan 17, 2019 - 10:51

I've been wondering if there's any way I could tune every note separately, for example: one note is 435Hz and the second is 431Hz, third one is 428Hz etc. It would be great if Musescore had that feature. If there's no way it can be done in Musescore, is there any other program I can use for that? Thanks!


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This feature of MuseScore is admirable. However, unfortunately, it cannot be extracted as information through a Midi File. Please let me know which controller achieves the tuning of an individual note (even if it is a member of a chord) without affecting the overall tuning, or the remaining notes of the chord. Thank you very much, George Hatzimichelakis.

In version 2 there was a plugin that changed the tunings of all notes according to about 10 different tuning methods. Once the plugins are fixed in the next month in version 3, you should be able to use a plugin if there is a pattern to the tuning involved.

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It sounds like the OP is trying to tune A4's to a few different pitches for some reason in his example. Select>more... would allow him to select all A4's and tune them the same, but would not allow for the apparent random tuning of the A4's. If I'm correct, selecting one note the ctrl+click to add to the selection will allow you to change the tuning of several notes at once in the inspector.

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