• May 5, 2021 - 02:57

How do you do ord. for strings (and maybe woodwinds)


Ord doesn't seem to be a feature yet. You can use stave text to put the word "ord." in, but you'd have to modify the sound/articulation for playback some other way. For strings the obvious sound features are "pizz." and "arco", and I guess in that context you'd want "ord." to have the same effect as "arco".

Putting the text in for engraving purposes shouldn't be a problem, but associating that with a behaviour - not sure. Would need to be set to the default for whichever instrument is being addressed.

"Ord." doesn't mean anything in particular on its own, it's just a way of cancelling whatever special instruction you had added earlier. So the way to add this marking would be using staff or expression text - same as the way you added the special instruction you are now trying to cancel. And the way to get the playback to reflect this would be the same as however you got the special instruction to affect playback in the first place.

What is the special instruction you had added that you are now trying to cancel?

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