Changing an electric guitar's sound mid-staff

• May 6, 2021 - 11:27

I can't find a way to change an electric guitar's soundfount mid-staff. Normally I think that the player uses a pedal (for instance an overdrive pedal) to change the sound produced and there is an overdrive guitar soundfount but I can't make a single guitar go from the clean guitar soundfount to the overdrive guitar soundfount. I tried to follow the tutorial indicating how to change soudfount for strings in the mixer part of the handbook but in the dropdown menu where the overdrive option should be, there is only one option and it's the normal soundfount.
If anyone knows a solution, I'd be glad to hear it.
I messed up the place where I put this subject and I can't delete it. I'm sorry ;-;


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Well I am already on electric guitar and overdrive guitar isn't among the instruments so I can't make an instrument switch.
If you're talking about creating a separate invisible staff for a guitar with the overdrive soundfount, I can do that but I hoped there was a better option.
Thanks for helping me out.

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The Electrical Guitar instrument by default comes with 6 channels, among which an overdrive channel. So make sure you're up to date (3.6.2) an the instrument you're working on is the Electrical Guitar (the instrument, not the sound).

If your score started from an older version in which the Guitar might not have had those channels yet:
1. Right-click into the staff
2. Choose "Staff/Part-properties"
3. Click the "Change Instrument" button in the middle of the dialog
4. Pick the Electrical Guitar
5. OK out of the dialog

The default channels will now be available to you.

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