Deleting key signature in a score with parts

• May 18, 2021 - 00:19
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S2 - Critical

When deleting a key signature in the full score, the deletion doesn't update in the parts. You must go to every part and delete the key signature manually.


Why deleting the key signature in the first place? For everything but a 4/4 (or compatible) key sig this is asking for trouble (i.e. corruption).
Better use staff properties to disable key signatures being shown.

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I can't reproduce this - normally deleting key signatures in a score does delete it in parts (time signature too!). Could be something has gone wrong with your specific score. In order to investigate, we would need you to attach the score and given precise steps to reproduce the problem.

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Sorry for the somewhat vague post, and not responding sooner.
Here is the score I've been working on. At measure 29 in the full score, I added a random key signature and deleted it again. However, It still shows up in the Voice and Bass parts.
Hope this helps, though it does seem odd, I can't seem to reproduce it either with a fresh score, and I don't think I've done anything out of the ordinary when writing it that might have corrupted the file somehow. But it might just be a semi-corrupted file then, I just don't know how I would go about fixing it, if it happened to bigger score that I needed to work on for longer time.

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Confirmed. And even if deleting those in the parts, when adding one in many score removing it again the same thing happens again.
Also when deleting and recreating the parts, then add and remove a keyx sig to the main score, same issue still.

One uncommon attrbitue I see is that the voice staff is actually present in all three parts. I'm assuming that's on purpsoe, but anyhow, it's unusual in itself, maybe the bug connects to that somehow. If I delete the parts and then just generate "normal" parts, all is well.

Yep, it's on purpose that the voice is in every part to make it easier for everyone, as we may jump around in the score and have to follow the singers. Anyway, you just gave me an idea to try. Let me know if you are able to reproduce this.

I just created a fresh score with instruments as in the other score (Voice, Piano, El. bass, Drumset) with two key signatures in it: one at the first measure and another some measures later.
Created the parts with
- Voice
- Voice and Piano
- Electric bass (tried both with and without voice here, and doesn't seem to change anything.)
Added a random key signature to the full score in between the two others, and checked that they were present in the parts.
Deleted that key signature in the full score, and checked the parts. It was still present in the Voice part only.
Tried to delete it in this part and Musescore crashed!

Can't repdroduce the crash, just the rest. And can't delete that key sig from the voice part at all.

Ah, when disabling multimeasure rests it does crash on deleteing the key sig in the voice part

Attached a test score before adding that 'intermediate' key sig.

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And that crash makes it critical, not only because it crashes, but also because it apparently corrupts the score