Why not add keyboard shortcuts to tool-tips on command buttons on palettes?

• Jun 7, 2021 - 13:30

Probably someone else already noticed this, but anyway:
It is often practice to add key shortcuts in so-called tool tips (pop-ups that appear when you position the mouse pointer over buttons/icons).
Interestingly, keyboard shortcuts are shown for toolbar buttons (like "Start or stop playback (Space)"). But are not shown for command buttons on palettes.
For instance, when you search for "slur" using the Palettes search and then position the mouse pointer over the found slur icon, the tool tip should be "Slur (s)" (instead of just "Slur") so that you can learn that by pressing the "s" key you can execute the slur command.


Because the palette icons are not actual "commands" in the usual sense, the code for the palettes doesn't actually know about any command that might happen to perform a similar function as the palette icon. So that's why they aren't visible currently. We're hoping to eventually expand the shortcut system to include the palettes, but I have no idea if that's going to make MuseScore 4 or wait for some future release.

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